Fueling Success: Gillespie Group's Wide-Ranging Commercial Tenant Portfolio

At Gillespie Group, we take pride in creating vibrant spaces that cater to a broad array of businesses, and placing the tenants in those spaces who will thrive there. With a diverse portfolio of commercial properties, we have had the pleasure of accommodating numerous categories of tenants, nurturing their growth and contributing to the dynamic landscape of our communities. 


Embracing Energy, Fostering Growth

Our commitment to providing exceptional commercial spaces has allowed us to cater to a vast range of businesses, from general retail and service retail to grocery stores, hospitality establishments, general office spaces, medical facilities, and storage solutions. 


With over 570,000 square feet dedicated to accommodating various categories of commercial tenants, our spaces have become the foundation for business success and community engagement.


General Retail Space   32,794 sq ft

Flourishing boutiques, floral shops, and delivery services have found their home within our 32,794 square feet of general retail space. We take joy in providing environments where unique visions come to life, serving as a hub for creativity, retail excellence, and customer satisfaction


316 N Cedar Street
316 N Cedar Street — Current home to Sparrow Bloom.
154 S Larch Street
State of Fitness interior at 154 S Larch Street.

Service Retail Shops   38,940 sq ft

Training gyms, insurance agencies, and other service-oriented businesses occupy our 38,940 square feet of service retail space. Our properties offer the perfect environment for businesses to thrive, enabling them to provide top-notch services and establish themselves as trusted providers within their respective industries.


Grocery Stores  72,500 sq ft

At Gillespie Group, we understand the importance of convenience and access to fresh produce. With 72,500 square feet of grocery space, including an urban-concept Meijer store, Capital City Market, we’ve partnered with organizations to reimagine the shopping experience and revitalize food access in the heart of our communities


Capital City Market produce section
600 E Michigan Ave — home to Capital City Market, Courtyard by Marriott, and the BLOCK600 Lofts.
Lansing Brewing Company Patio
518 E Shiawassee St — home to Lansing Brewing Company.

Hospitality – Bars & Restaurants  63,076 sq ft

From cozy coffee shops to vibrant bars and restaurants, our 63,076 square feet of hospitality space have become gathering spots where connections are made, conversations flow, and memories are created. Food, drink, and connections are so important, both to communities, and to our core values, and these spaces nurture unique culinary experiences and foster a sense of community through hospitality offerings.


General Office   274,355 sq ft

With 274,355 square feet of general office space, Gillespie Group has become synonymous with flexible, efficient, and inspiring work environments. Our spaces have provided the foundation for innovation, collaboration, and professional growth for businesses across various industries.


East End in Midland, MI
East End in Midland, MI — home to many commercial properties.
Izzo Family Medical Center
Izzo Family Medical Center at 3220 Discovery drive in the McLaren Health Park — home to MSU Health Care, McLaren Greater Lansing, and Helen Devos Children's Hospital.

Medical Space   64,700 sq ft

We recognize the importance of accessible healthcare, which is why our 64,700 square feet of medical space accommodate essential providers such as McLaren Healthcare, Corewell Health, and MSU Health Care. These facilities cater to the diverse healthcare needs of our communities, ensuring a healthier future for all.


Storage Solutions   26,965 sq f

Understanding the need for secure and reliable storage options, we offer 26,965 square feet of storage space. Our facilities provide peace of mind to businesses and individuals alike, allowing them to store their valuable belongings with confidence.


413 N Larch St.

The breadth and depth of Gillespie Group's commercial tenant portfolio exemplify our commitment to fostering growth, energy, and community development. From retail to hospitality, and medical to office spaces, our properties serve as catalysts for businesses’ success, innovation, and connectivity. 


If you are seeking commercial space for your business or looking to expand, reach out to us and our dedicated team will work with you to discover the perfect commercial space for your business with Gillespie Group.


Let us help you thrive in an environment tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.

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