Gillespie Group is a Michigan-based developer, specializing in creative urban development, revitalizing communities, and pursuing excellence in all that we do. 

With an eye to the future, our team takes creative risks, visualizing energetic spaces that breathe new life into city neighborhoods. Bold, innovative designs and a transformative vision for a better Michigan are at the heart of each effort. 

We believe that with a strong commitment to positive growth and change, we can contribute to a rejuvenated Michigan, a place where groundbreaking new ideas are realized and people are motivated to invest in their communities.

Gillespie Group does this through creative real estate solutions for residential, commercial, and new development initiatives.

Recent Developments

East End, Developed by Gillespie Group

Medical Services Building 2

Medical Offices, Services, and Partnerships. Medical Offices, Services, and Partnerships The over 60,000 square foot Medical Services Building is the second Medical Services building located on McLaren Greater Lansing’s new hospital campus. It represents a new phase of innovation and expansion for Gillespie Group, bringing together partnerships between McLaren Hospital, MSU Health Care for an MRI and Radiology center with the most advanced technology, a women's center focused on women's services, Helen Devos Children's Hospital for nationally renowned pediatric care, and one more respected medical user soon to be announced.

The building will expand new and innovative patient care services to the Lansing region while also hosting cutting-edge training opportunities for the next generation of medical professionals through Michigan State University.

East End, Developed by Gillespie Group


Groceries, National Hotel & 40 Apartment Lofts. A public/private partnership developed on an acquired 21 parcels of land making up a four-acre Brownfield site, BLOCK600 was transformational for the community. It met Downtown Lansing's need for an affordable and accessible grocery store, Capital City Market, brought 40 market-rate residential apartments, and a 120 room Courtyard by Marriott hotel with a restaurant/bar in the lobby – the first hotel added to the area in over two decades and only the second in downtown.

BLOCK600 won international recognition through the International Economic Development Council – The 2021 Real Estate Redevelopment and Reuse Gold award, and the 2021 Public-Private Partnership for 25,000 – 200,000 population Gold Award for its partnership with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC).

East End, Developed by Gillespie Group

East End

A DOW Anchored Corporate Headquarters. A public/private partnership development infused energy into a district and initiated further transformation. East End was developed as a mixed-use development located across from Dow Diamond in Midland, Michigan – home to the Great Lakes Loons Minor League Baseball team.

Providing office space for over 300 office users and commercial space for a medical user, restaurant and retail, the East End development connects Dow Diamond to the existing downtown area - collectively creating vibrancy, walkability, energy and further appeal in Midland.

Picture of MP Social in the Marketplace Apartments
MP Social inside the Marketplace Apartments along the Lansing River trail

Gillespie Group was originally founded in 1994 as Gillespie Development, and has since built a portfolio boasting an excess of 2,000 residential rental units in addition to over 810,000 square feet of commercial/retail space.

Infusing energy through creative real estate solutions, we have created innovative communities in the Michigan market for over 25 years. We continually reinvent our methods while keeping experience based living options as our focus to better meet the needs of our residents and commercial businesses.

With a strong focus over the past several years on the Stadium District in downtown Lansing, we respond to today’s pursuit of ‘live, work, play’ destinations by providing mixed-use developments that promote ‘smart growth’. Characteristics such as walkability, interconnectivity, efficiency and diversity of open space are quickly becoming the traits of our signature development style.

Gillespie Hands On

Gillespie Hands On is one of the many ways Gillespie Group invests in Michigan communities. Team members are given compensated hours to use towards a cause of their choice and are  are encouraged to volunteer for charities, schools, or nonprofits that support what Gillespie Group believes in - bringing positive change. Our program allows team members to make a difference by giving them time that might otherwise be allocated to other responsibilities. We feel that a positive work/life balance and investing in local nonprofits focused on creating a positive change benefits everyone involved and builds a happier, stronger team culture and community.

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